I’m Celebrating Christ in Prison This Christmas. Wish You Were Here!

East Jersey State Prison is “first fruits” of a Christ Awakening movement that must be unleashed...

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How Does the Incarnation Touch Our Personal Experiences of Hopelessness?

The Incarnation of Christ provides irrefutable proof that our God is personally committed to the fut...

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Why You Can Be “Hopeful”

Messengers of Hope give others a deeper understanding of the glory of Christ and a fuller hope shape...

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Why Keeping Jesus at the Center of Your Life Simply Isn’t Enough

Let's go beyond seeing Christ merely as the center of our lives because he is so much more!...

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Don’t Miss Out This Sunday on the Worldwide Celebration of Christ as Our King

we need to join with Christians worldwide this coming Sunday (November 22) to celebrate “Christ th...

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As Paris Trembles, Consider the Mysteries of His Majesty

How do we reconcile the royal majesty of Jesus with the slaughter that has shaken France?...

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How the Church Will Shine Brighter

French scientist Augustin Fresnel shows us how the Church can shine brighter....

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How Much Do We Actually Talk About Christ?

Read more about why talking about Jesus matters, and how it can lead you into a deeper encounter wit...

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