A Failure-Proof Approach to Making Good Life Decisions

Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, went from quitting his job to becoming the world’s wealthiest pers...

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Times Square Becomes JESUS’ SQUARE!

On Saturday, June 29th, the Times Square area in New York City was turned into a Holy Temple. King ...

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Christ in the Comic Strips

Today, far too many Christians and churches across America find themselves captive to a paralyzing ...

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This month “Saturate New York” has completed, for the third year in a row, a five-week initiat...

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First-ever Study on the Supremacy of Christ for TEENS

What if the youth in your church tackled this study and got ruined with a new passion for Jesus’ r...

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An Easter Message About a King That’s Fit to Give a Queen

As we celebrate Easter 2019, I want to treat you to Dr. Stewart’s description of the ultimate outc...

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An Amazing Update From David Bryant, Founder of

David Bryant wants to tell you what’s been going on, and why this is so critical for the cause of ...

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Practical Steps for Confronting the Greatest Crisis of Our Times

David Bryant sat down with the senior editor of the TriStateVoice, to explore the one hope of curing...

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Cornflakes and Christ Awakenings

How would you like to be re-introduced to God’s Son for ALL he really is today? How would you lik...

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