Biggest Moment of My Life: Richard Ross’ Christ Awakening

[Editor’s Note: Richard Ross is a nationally-known expert on youth ministry. In this post, he explains how an airport encounter revolutionized the way he relates to Jesus. That “chance” meeting transformed the way he trains today’s youth ministers.]

Hi. I’m Richard Ross. I am the youth ministry professor at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. I need to tell you about a time in my life that changed everything. Of course, the biggest moment in my life was when I met Jesus Christ as my savior. He came into my life.

That happened when I was seven years old and I have loved thinking back to that time when I first met him, first experienced forgiveness of my sin, first knew I could speak to him directly. Those were wonderful days. As I was growing up I began thinking more about the return of Christ—the whole concept of Jesus splitting open the heavens and descending down to the earth, that all of humanity would see him at the same time, and fall on their knees and worship him. I loved thinking about that.

What Was Missing

So I had the past—meeting Jesus at age seven. I had the future—one day Jesus returns to earth. What I was really missing was the present. Well, God orchestrated an airport meeting with a man named David Bryant. When this man came into my life, God moved through him to rock my world.

David began to talk with me about the ascension of Jesus 40 days after the resurrection, when God the Father enthroned his Son at his right hand. He began to explain to me that today Jesus is ruling and reigning over the universe from that throne in heaven, and that he is glorious—more so than we can possibly imagine. Realizing that has changed everything in my personal experience with the Lord.

Jesus in the Throne Room

For example, it changed my worship. I worship outside under the stars about 4:30 every morning. Now I picture myself morning after morning walking into the throne room of heaven, lifting my eyes and seeing King Jesus enthroned there, glowing, iridescent in his glory. It has affected how I live throughout the day. Now I love thinking about myself being in relationship with King Jesus. I love thinking about riding with him on grand adventures during the day to bring his kingdom here on earth.

Now, that’s enough about me. My focus right now is on you, because what’s happened to me is so important for you and the health and growth of the Church that I want you to have a journey similar to that. I want you to make your own discoveries about who Jesus really is today so that he receives all the glory he deserves.

Falling More in Love with Jesus

The website is designed just for that. Nothing to sell. No money to move around. It’s just an opportunity for those who know Jesus to fall more in love with him, almost feeling like they’re meeting him for the first time all over again. Learn what Jesus is doing TODAY as supreme ruler of the universe. Don’t be content just knowing what he did in the past, or waiting around until he comes again in the future. There are all kinds of resources—videos to watch, things to read, other people’s experiences to listen to, and much more. Check it out today and begin your own Christ Awakening journey!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Richard Ross

Dr. Richard Ross is a professor to the next generation of youth ministers at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He has authored many resources, including his latest, Youth Ministry That Lasts a Lifetime. You can connect with Richard on his websiteFacebook, or Twitter.


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