Practical Steps for Confronting the Greatest Crisis of Our Times

David Bryant sat down with the senior editor of the TriStateVoice, to explore the one hope of curing...

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Cornflakes and Christ Awakenings

How would you like to be re-introduced to God’s Son for ALL he really is today? How would you lik...

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Are You “PURPOSE-Driven” or “PERSON-Driven”? Actually, It Really Does Matter.

Am I truly person-driven when it comes to my relationship to the person of God’s Son? As a way of ...

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Why Not Start 2019 With a 21-Day Journey Into More of Christ?

Start 2019 with a 21-Day Journey that will transform your next twelve months and beyond. It’s all ...

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Here’s a More Dynamic Reason to Celebrate Christmas This Year

How to Keep Christmas in Christ? David Bryant explains that with four short, creative videos....

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YOU Can Empower a Nationwide Christ Awakening Movement!

David Bryant introduces you to a brand new, coast-to-coast initiative full of exceptional promise fo...

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7 Priority Thanksgiving Day Prayers Most Christians Have Never Prayed

We’ll all be expressing these seven key prayers before all of heaven on that glorious “Final Tha...

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