The Christ Institutes Video Series (TCI) were originally conducted by David Bryant as live, 48-hour intensives. They have been endorsed by a cross-section of respected Christian leaders. With compelling teaching, creative visuals and clear applications, TCI maintains a consistently singular focus on the majesty and supremacy of God’s Son today.

Look at what Christian leaders across the nation are saying about The Christ Institutes.

Participants will experience a life-changing journey into more of the greatness and glory of Christ, what TCI calls a “Christ Awakening.” Choose to experience TCI at your own pace; or by leading a group through nine weeks using the nine 70-minute videos; or by signing up for the free 55-day email and video series. A Participant Guide is included.

To the right are two-minute video clips where David provides you an overview of the focus and content of each one of the nine sessions.

Begin, however, by viewing the short presentation below, where David presents a valuable synopsis of the overall experience offered by The Christ Institutes Video Series.

The Christ Institutes Sessions


session overview


session one


session two


session three


session four


session five


session six


session seven


session eight


session nine

Watch a summary overview of The Christ Institutes Video Series, presented by David Bryant (3:13)

How to use these videos:

Personal “Go At Your Own Pace” Approach
Watch the videos at your own pace, as full sessions or shorter video clips. Take the time you want to absorb the rich teaching and think through the reflection questions. View the Participant Guide.
Group Approach with Longer Video Sessions

Experience the videos in small or large groups, either as a nine week series of full sessions or an 18-week series of half sessions. Some groups combine all sessions into a weekend retreat. View the Participant Guide.

Personal Guided Journey with Daily Videos
SIGN UP for this free guided 55-session email-with-video series that draws on sequenced segments from The Christ Institutes Video Series. Every two days you will receive a video clip and email to help you spend 15-25minutes with the Lord Jesus Christ learning more and more about his spectacular supremacy. Designed for those who want to journey at a more relaxed pace, this option allows an additional day  between video clips so that you have time to watch it and reflect on its message before receiving the next one. There are 55 video clips and emails altogether.
Take the 21-day Journey into More of Christ,
Using One of These Three Options

Sample this amazing teaching for yourself. Take the 21-Day Journey with Christ based on twenty-one 10-minute video samples from The Christ Institutes Video Series.

Experience this fulfilling adventure for yourself in one of three ways:
(1) View the 21 videos using our free Mobile App.  Click here.
(2) View the 21 videos directly online.  Click here.
(3) Download podcasts of the 21-Day Journey.  Click here.

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