How I Stumbled onto 365 Magnificent Names of Christ

The deepest desire of my heart the past 25 years has been to know Christ, in my mind and in my heart, all that I possibly can. In Philippians 3, the Apostle Paul declares the same consuming longing of his life: “I want to know Christ …”.

In my quest to know Christ more, I read the amazing quote by Charles Spurgeon:

“From every text of Scripture there is a road to Christ.”

I was eager to discover for myself how EVERY Scripture passage ultimately leads to Christ, so I began reading the whole Bible with that purpose in mind.

Thrilling Discoveries!

Very soon I began noticing names and attributes of God, titles of biblical characters like King David, or names in prophecies. As I researched those names, I was thrilled to find how one after another of them was fulfilled in Christ! Each name of Christ revealed a unique aspect of his greatness, and caused me to praise him for that aspect of who he is.

Praising Christ for each unique name usually led me to other Scripture passages that amplified something about that name, or hymns or choruses about that name. Often I was prompted to pray that I would know him more through that name, and that my family members, other believers, and unsaved people would know him and give themselves to him according to that name. I recorded those praises and prayers so that I, and a few friends, could know and love Christ more.

I hadn’t planned to do so, but eventually, after following this process through the whole Bible, I realized I had found 365 names of Christ—one for each day of the year. The Holy Spirit had revealed a grand “portrait” of Christ to me, for which I stand in utter awe.

I was led to write a devotional book about my discoveries. I named the book I Want to Know More of Christ to express the cry of my heart, like King David did in Psalm 42:1-2:

“As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.”

Your Gift On

Every devotional entry from the book is featured on the Devotions page of I’m blessed to offer it to you as a gift. The devotions are in audio and text format. The page automatically refreshes each day with a new devotion. You can also sign up for a daily reminder to visit the devotion for the day.

I’m praying with all of my heart that as you read or listen to the daily devotions, you too will be filled with an insatiable longing to know Jesus more, love him more, and be more eager to tell the world about his magnificence!


Steve is the representative for International Renewal Ministries in Washington state. He encourages and helps pastors and other Christian leaders to build more of a focus on the supremacy of Christ and prayer into their personal lives and ministries. You can get more information about Steve and his book from the book’s website or Steve’s Facebook page.

  1. Dan Folden 7 years ago

    Steve, great to hear the story behind your book. And the audio/visual version is better yet. Great tool to lead us in worship of our Lord Jesus Christ!

  2. Dennis Crane 7 years ago

    I am grateful to you both, David & Steve for awakening us to all Jesus is and for encouraging us to allow Him to be Lord of every part of our lives.

  3. david bryant 7 years ago

    Dennis…You and I have been on this journey together for quite a few years (even though we’re a continent apart!). You and Steve and I have a history together that continues to encourage me to foster Christ Awakenings for others everywhere I go. May your life experience much more of Him this day.

  4. Author
    Steve Hall 7 years ago

    Hi Dan and Dennis. It is very good to hear from both of you. It was a joy to write the book, and to make it available to anyone who is hungry to know Christ more and more each day. I really enjoy the audio version, especially as Christopher Glyn reads it. Yes, Dennis, may we and great numbers of other believers enter into the fullness of Christ’s limitless Lordship.

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