How Much Do We Actually Talk About Christ?

For nearly 40 years, I have had the privilege of traveling around the world, meeting people from all over the Body of Christ. This has been encouraging in many ways. But I have one consistent observation that causes me grief and concern: in our casual conversations, I don’t hear us actually talking about Jesus Christ!

Far too often, I’ve participated in extended worship sessions where references to our Savior were virtually absent in the songs we sang. Far too often, I’ve listened to widely respected preachers deliver biblically-grounded messages that barely referenced our Lord Jesus, let alone brought the congregation to bow at the feet of their King. Far too often, I’ve monitored the between-session conversations of attendees at major Christian conferences, hoping for even a hint that God’s Son was somehow vital to their discussions, only to be disappointed time and time again.

What do our many words say about us?

Sunday after Sunday, conversations occur in hundreds of thousands of church lobbies, parking lots, and sanctuaries, but how much of it actually mentions Jesus?

Does it sound at all like the way Paul talked? How often do we say to each other words like: “For me to live is Christ” (Phil. 1:21)? Do “we proclaim Him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we might present everyone perfect in Christ” (Col. 1:28)? Have we “resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified” (1 Cor. 2:2)?

Recall for a moment a recent conversation you had with another believer. Did your time together give both of you a greater vision of the glory of Jesus as “the eternal life which was with the Father and has appeared to us?” Did you encourage each other with “what we have seen and heard” of Christ? Did you help each other enter into deeper “fellowship with the Father and with his Son” and, thus, have your joy “made complete” (1 John 1)? If your experience was like most of mine, probably not.

Far too often, I’m afraid, we have become comfortable simply conversing about benign concepts of God—if we bring him up at all.

We allow ourselves to sidestep deeper encounters with Jesus as Lord. Yet, there’s no getting around the fundamental principle of Romans 10:17: “Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.”

This process is as equally true of believers — in some ways even more so — as it is of unbelievers. What Christians hear about their Savior from one another will determine a good deal of the depth of hope and passion we express toward Jesus. So let’s make Jesus Christ not only the object of our faith, but the subject of our conversations! And in so doing, we will be led into a deeper encounter with Christ!


Known as a Christ proclaimer and messenger of hope, David Bryant is the founder and president of Proclaim Hope!, a ministry whose goal is to serve a nationwide Christ Awakening. David is the author of five books, including Christ Is ALL! A Joyful Manifesto on the Supremacy of God’s Son.

  1. Marilyn Kitchell 7 years ago

    thanks David. That’s exactly what I have been finding …. even when I bring up something about the sermon or what a passage may mean, it’s such a cursory answer and then again talking about kids/grandkids (of course mine are the best!! but I hate to boast!!) …. and this has been my prayer: Father, may Your people be so hungry and thirsty for you that they will talk about You, give You thanksgiving and especially that we will learn to truly Praise the God of very gods. Mairlyn

  2. Author
    david bryant 7 years ago

    Marilyn…So good to hear from you, dear friend and former administrative assistant!! I know your heart like mine longs for Christ to become all in all to His people. Spread the news about as one way to help move people in that direction. Blessings, David

  3. Chris Heinz 7 years ago

    Marilyn must have been talking to my grandma… 🙂

  4. Dan Folden 7 years ago

    We at our church have responded to the challenge to speak more of Christ in our conversations with each other while at church by taking 3-5 minutes out of every worship service to read together a pre-selected and short text from Scripture that speaks of the supremacy of Christ or the graciousness of God our Father. Then we ask them to gather with 1 or 2 others to talk to each other about what they have just read. We give them the passage a week in advance. It’s included in the song sheet we print out so they can prepare in advance what they want to say on Sunday. We’ve been doing this for several years, thanks to David Bryant’s challenge. It has become part of the fabric of our congregation and I would say that these “practice sessions” have resulted in more conversations after the service and even during the week that involve the highlighting of the wonders and beauty of our Lord Jesus Christ. Some families use this “worship text” at an evening meal to get their children talking about the majesty of Jesus at home as they prepare to share at church. Thus, I have much gratitude to David for his challenge.

  5. Author
    david bryant 7 years ago

    Dan…What a great model and so encouraging. What if 100,000 congregations (out of 350,000) across America did this every Sunday. Where would the Church be in our nation right now? How close would we be to the Christ Awakening that must come! Or even INTO it already!! Thanks for writing about this.

  6. Malini Dare 7 years ago

    Dear David, thank you for sharing this word.
    It’s is so evident these days that there are way too many distractions (even in church ) to take our focus away from the power of the name of Jesus.
    Being alerted on this I personally want to pay more attention to my conversations and examine my intentions when I speak or do not speak His name.
    We all need to speak the name of Jesus without making it’s sound like a cliche every time but instead being genuine and releasing Gods love every time we say Jesus.
    If we are not ashamed of Him on this side of eternity, He will not be ashamed of us on the other side of eternity !

    Thank you and Blessings!

  7. Author
    david bryant 7 years ago

    Malini, I don’t know anyone who has seemed more “intentional” about pursuing Christ and exalting Him and sharing Him than you and Spurgeon. You both have been a real model to Robyne and me. Press on. May we ALL “make much more of Christ” than we now do. David

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