“There’s not a text of Scripture that does not provide a road that leads us to Christ. So, it is your business to find that road and take it.” (Charles Spurgeon)

The Bible contains thousands of verses that focus on Christ and help us to know him for who he is right now.

2 Corinthians 1:21 tells us that “all the promises of God are ‘yes’ to us in Christ Jesus.” It has been estimated that there may be as many as 7,000 separate promise statements in Scripture. Therefore, the more we meditate on God’s Word about God’s Son, the more we will abound in our hope in him for ALL he is.

This resource is designed to help you make such discoveries.

Here are THREE ways you can get started in discovering more of Christ in God’s Word:

(1) Take a look at “The Jesus Version of the Bible.” This unique “paraphrase” of Bible texts is posted on our Facebook page. Each one demonstrates how the Lord Jesus Christ embodies and completes the focus and theme of each passage. Keep checking back for more examples as they are added month by month. There are hundreds more to share.

(2) Pursue an even deeper, more exhaustive study of Christ throughout the entire Bible. Download our free, one-of-a-kind Scripture study guideNothing like it anywhere else!

(3) Enjoy the selected passages immediately below. Here are a few key scriptures from the Old Testament that foreshadow who Christ is now; and samples from the New Testament that show how God’s Word is fulfilled in who Christ is now.

Christ’s Supremacy Foreshadowed

Christ’s Supremacy Fulfilled

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