Wanting More of Jesus Every Moment: Nancy Wilson’s Christ Awakening

[Editor’s Note: Nancy Wilson travels around the world to tell others about Jesus. But she didn’t start out that way. In this blog post, Nancy shares how she first fell in love with Jesus, and how she wants more of him every moment.]

This is Nancy Wilson with Cru.  I serve as a global ambassador for Cru. I just returned from Ethiopia, where the Lord is drawing many to himself. As I teach all over the world, I see how compelling Jesus is—and every one of his stories is precious.

I also recently had the joy to teach and preach in Dearborn, Michigan, where I reached out to many Muslims. I told the Parable of the Wedding Banquet, in which Jesus taught about the coming of the Son of Man.

It drew them to see that Jesus is inviting them to a wedding, where people from every tribe, tongue, and nation will be around his throne. Their hearts responded, and we know of at least six who received Jesus as their Savior!

The harvest is plentiful, and as we make JESUS the centerpiece of our hearts and message to the lost, he is drawing them and us to see his glory and goodness!! Indeed, he is preparing his bride!!! Hallelujah to the Holy Lamb of God, OUR BELOVED KING JESUS!!

“Just Fall in Love With Jesus”

I want to go back to the day that I met Jesus.  I fell in love with this person, Jesus Christ, who gave his life for me and loves me unconditionally.  As a 19-year old freshman, I began to get to know him.  But I remember thinking, “I really can’t change my life.”  I was a little party girl! I told my discipler, “I don’t know about this.  I don’t think I can really . . .”

She said, “Don’t you worry.  You just fall in love with Jesus and everything will work out.”  Well, I made that my goal, and it truly was the answer. The more that I found his heart and who he is, I was captivated.  He was the one who changed my heart and my desires. I remember the day I told my dad, “Dad, I think God is calling me to give my life to serving young people all over the world to tell them the good news of Jesus.”  He did not understand.

Wedding Banquet of the Lamb

Well, it has been a journey—a journey for me to continue to get to know Jesus more and more as I’ve had the privilege of reaching young people throughout the nations—in 70 countries so far. The Lord has shown me over and over again that our job is to share the good news of Jesus, to lift him up.  He said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto myself.” Jesus told his disciples that the kingdom of heaven is like a king that sent his servants out to gather people in for the wedding banquet.

So really that’s what we’re doing.  We’re going out there and inviting people to the wedding banquet of the Lamb. But as I go, this Christ Awakening is what has captured me. The real center of the awakening is Jesus; he is the captain of the Lord’s army. So we need to put him right out in front.

More of Jesus Every Moment

And I’m challenging myself in this new season to seek after him more, to want more of his presence and power in every moment.  Every day I want the Holy Spirit to pour out a fresh revelation of Jesus.  As we look at our world growing darker and darker, and I see this generation being pulled into the increasing battle, I also see the Lord stirring the hearts of this generation to want more—to want Jesus in his fullness, in his power, in his glory.

So join with me and let’s press on together to seek after Jesus. Let’s lift him up in order to bring forth a mighty generation—the end-time generation that will welcome in the King of Glory who will reign over the nations.  May the Lord be with you and bless you, my friend, as we seek him together in this exciting time to be alive.

About the Author: Nancy Wilson

With over 30 years of ministry experience, Nancy Wilson is a dynamic speaker and author who combines a zest for life and a love of people. She now serves as Global Ambassador for Cru and Spokesperson for StoryRunners, a mission to reach the 70 percent of the world’s population who are oral learners. Nancy has written several books, which are available on her website.

  1. Dorothy 6 years ago

    This is an awesome testimony that will make a difference in the life of our young people. they are in need of someone to believe in and take them at their Word. Jesus is the One…

  2. Mike kelly 5 years ago

    Oh, to have Christ as the center of one’s life and to be focused on Him and His calling!!

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